By krushmichheda

From being busy jumping between school, academics, after school activities, the outbreak of this pandemic situation has affected people from all walks of life especially kids. Parents are in a catch because of the uncertainties of the lockdown. So CORE has curated doable tips for your kids to follow until  their routine is resumed.

  • Kick-start the day with this magic portion: Start your child’s morning with the following immunity boosting concoction: boil some grated ginger, fresh/powdered turmeric, powdered black pepper, roughly torn mint or tulsi leaves with a glass of water and add in a few drops of lemon juice.
  • Plan Ahead: Create a routine keeping their interests or hobbies which will pump them for the day and reduce boredom. Keep the routine consistent through the week for better results.
  • Continue being Physically Active: We are all unaware of how long the lockdown can get extended to, but the last thing we want is the kids to miss out on their growth spurts. So consider adding the following elements to their exercise routine: Skipping, cone and ladder drills at home, yoga and stretching, body weight and core strengthening exercises such as pull up, push ups and planks.
  • Pack in at least 5 Balanced Meals a day: Even though the kids don’t have a school routine and physical activity levels are low, you want to continue their habit of eating frequent and balanced meals. Make sure you are ticking off their daily dose of fruits, whole grains, protein, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
  • Snacking? Yes or No? Snacking is essential for kids to provide additional nutrients and calories which main meals alone cannot provide. Snacks does not essentially mean biscuits or chips, it can be healthier and natural like apple slices with peanut butter, Dry fruit and nuts trail mix, egg preparations, sweet potato baked chips, hummus or curd dip with vegetable sticks, home-made granola and fruit smoothies or milkshakes.
  • Sleep Well: Because of lack of structure, sleeping patterns can get altered affecting kids with their growth and development. So make sure they sleep at the same time everyday irrespective of weekday or weekends. At least ensure minimum 9 hours of sleep and no screen time one hour before bed time.