Anita Bhatia: Home maker, Artist
I am thrilled with the interactions I’ve had with Krushmi. The results of my weight loss and a bit of coaxing, I managed to take my anti-diet husband to meet her. He was impressed by her expertise in the field. In fact when he was on an assignment in Europe, she tailored his diet plans with the minutest of details including which brands of foods he could eat. He cooked his own meals and stuck to the plan, the only form of exercise being long walks. And yes, he came home 9 kgs lighter in his 45 day stint abroad.

Krupali Sidhu: AVP, Kotak Mahindra Bank
Balbinder Sidhu: Sr. HRBP
The transformation my husband and I went through in a period of 14 months is unbelievable. We managed to drop 27 Kgs each in a span of 14 months. The program recommended by Krushmi is highly sustainable as she puts all the efforts in correcting your lifestyle habits which eventually help you sustain & lead a healthy life in the future. We achieved the mammoth task of participating in our first Mumbai Half- Marathon.

Urvashi Shah: Chartered Accountant
A year ago, I knew what I wanted but was completely confused about to how to achieve my goals. With Krushmi’s expertise and knowledge she formulated a tailored nutrition and fitness plan for me. I began to see noticeable difference in my running timings and overall fitness. I feel strong, extremely active and healthy.


Anita Bhatia: Homemaker
Krushmi is a thorough professional and her expertise stands out as she tailor makes her programmes on simple home cooked meals from local produce and lots of options to choose from.They don’t deprive one of the essential nutrients required by the body. They are systematic and well thought of and Krushmi will go that extra step to explain why she has suggested them. Doing pilates and fitness with her is an added advantage to achieving health goals.

Anand Pawar: International Badminton Player
Krushmi made me realize that eating smart and eating the right things at the right time not only give me the energy required but can also help me recover faster and better for my next match or training session. I have found her advise practical and easy, for eg. Simple changes in my breakfast and supplements have made a world of a difference in my game.

Vikrant Yeligeti: Ranjee Trophy, Cricketer
Having played a sport professionally she is able to understand an athlete’s requirements much better. She is able to bring an individualized, one-on-one, element to weight management that is missing from other programs. What she has managed to design is a customized program which takes care of my precise requirements and finicky preferences . I reached my weight and health goals in a very efficient manner thanks to her program which fits into my lifestyle easily. My energy levels throughout the day are great and so is my recovery.

Anshul Singhal: CEO Embassy Industrial Parks
I have recently started on Krushmi’s diet and feel that her plans and programs are very sustainable. What I like about her is that she herself has been a professional tennis athlete for many years and closely understands the human body. With today’s internet world it’s important to be able to relate to your nutritionist and trust her expertise. I have already lost 2 kgs within a few days and the best part is I’m eating MORE!!!


Kashyap Parupalli: Common Wealth Games, 2014 Gold Medallist, Badminton
I’ve consulted with Krushmi just two months before Olympic Games and it made a big change to my strength and energy. The fact that she is a tennis player made it easier for me to connect with her and work my way around my fitness and nutritional goals.

Sheetal Shetty: International Tennis Player
I approached Krushmi with the aim of having the diet plan relevant to my sport and being in the best shape possible to maximise my ability to perform and that is exactly what I got. Not only are my eating habits in check, but also my fitness levels and overall energy have seen an evident change since I first met her. Her assessments and evaluation are very efficient. Krushmi is a fantastic mentor having been an athlete herself and her methods are accurate and trustworthy.

Manan Vohra: Kings XI Punjab IPL, Cricketer
I was looking for a nutritionist who could help me tailor make my daily food plan and help me recover and perform better. Not only am I more disciplined with my food habits but all my concerns have been resolved completely.


Heath Matthews: Physiotherapist, Manager, Centre for Sports Medicine, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital
Miss Chheda worked at the Centre for Sports Medicine for four years. During her time with us she carved a niche for herself and excelled in both sports nutrition advice and exercise prescription. She is a highly professional and motivated person who applies her experiences as an elite level tennis player to her work as a sports medicine professional very well. This has given her a unique insight into the demands of nutrition from a sports persons view that few of her peers would. Krushmi is passionate about her work and is driven to help her clients reach their nutritional and fitness goals. I highly recommend her as one of the best Sports Nutritionist I’ve ever worked with.

Ashish Kaushik: Senior Physiotherapist, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital
BCCI, Indian Cricket team
Krushmi is a fantastic person with great professional expertise and a personal approach. One of Krushmi’s top qualities is her ability to lend her clients a keen ear and empathize with them. She looks for a solution which is implementable and practical and that makes her programs very successful. Her outlook towards health and performance enhancement is very well rounded and she has a very sound understanding of nutrition and exercise especially having played tennis competitively at a high level for years. Krushmi hence offers more than anyone else in the profession in being able to manage various portfolios for her clients.

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