By krushmichheda


One of the major reasons for sugar cravings is an addiction to sugar and this explains why most people experience a craving for sugar post festivities. When we taste sugar our taste receptors are activated, spiking the dopamine levels. This reinforces the desire to have more.

Another possible explanation for the cravings could be dehydration which is an effect of alcohol consumption.

The everyday popping of sweets makes us want more and to break away from this pattern, here are some ways in which we can eliminate the cravings.

  • Reach out for a fruit: As we are aware fruits are loaded with natural sugar but they also come with a storehouse of nutrients like potassium, vitamin c, antioxidant properties, fiber, etc. They have a lot to offer other than satiating our sweet cravings. Include them in your diet as a mid-meal snack and pair them with a few nuts to avoid sugar spike.

  • Avoid skipping meals: Many individuals tend to starve themselves after binging during festivities. But skipping meals is only going to make things worse for you, rather nourish yourself with cleaner and wholesome foods with a moderate portion size.

  • Sip on water! Being hydrated is a great way to get rid of toxins and keep the cravings at bay. Sipping on infused waters, buttermilk, coconut water or drinking herbal teas can keep you in a euhydrated state and also get rid of any water retention or bloating, if any. Avoid fruit juices or syrup based drinks to hydrate yourself.

  • Up your protein game! Make sure you are including a good source of protein in every meal. Protein can be in the form of curd, sprouts, beans, eggs, dal, lean meat, paneer, tofu, etc. These improve the nutrient quotient of your meals, keep you satiated for longer hours and helps the sugar level to stabilize.

  • Get in some exercise! Being involved in low-moderate level of exercise on a regular basis makes the blood circulation better and increases dopamine levels causing a similar effect such as consuming sugar based food. Hence, reducing the risk of sugar cravings.

  • Out of sight – out of mind! Post the festivities declutter your house from the deep fried or sugar laden sweets. If you keep seeing them, chances of you eating them are higher. Keep your kitchen shelves filled with natural foods and healthy snacks.

These were some practical tips that you could follow to get rid of the sugar cravings. If you tend to indulge once, avoid getting off the track for rest of the meals as well.