Athlete Nutrition


Nutrition for Athletes:

Krushmi brings her experience as a professional international sportsperson and her unparalleled world class expertise in Sports Science, Exercise and Nutrition to bring a new whole perspective to WINNING.
CORE cordially works as team with the coaches, trainers, parents and the athlete to potentiate performance. These programmes:

  • Help young athletes achieve performance milestones
  • Meet energy and hydration demands suited to training and competition
  • Train injury free


ABHISHEK NAYAR: Rajasthan Royals IPL, Mumbai Ranjee Team, Cricket

The best thing about working with Krushmi was that I never felt starved and still achieved results. I could eat and enjoy all the foods especially rice. Having been a sportsperson herself she understands my needs and is very prompt at clearing my doubts.

KASHYAP PARUPALLI: Gold Medallist Common Wealth Games 2014, Badminton

I consulted Krushmi just two months prior to the Olympics and it made a big change to my strength and energy. The fact that she herself is an athlete made it easier for me to connect with her and effectively work around my fitness and nutritional goals.

ANKITA RAINA: India No. 1, WTA ranked, Tennis

Working with Krushmi over the last year on my nutrition and fitness gave me the extra edge to jump up to my career best international rankings. Apart from being a thorough expert, she is a fantastic mentor for tennis players as she understands the demands of the tennis circuit very well. She has helped me maintain my schedule despite the travel all year round.

GANESH KAMATH: Captain, Midfielder FC Pifa, Football

One of Krushmi’s best quality is that she does not settle for anything less than the best when it comes to detailed assessments and results. She is extremely dedicated and pushes one to achieve higher benchmarks and constantly reviews your goals. Krushmi’s expertise has helped me achieve a new high in my career of captaincy.

Anand Pawar: International Badminton Player

Krushmi made me realize that eating smart and eating the right things at the right time not only give me the energy required but can also help me recover faster and better for my next match or training session. I have found her advise practical and easy, for eg. Simple changes in my breakfast and supplements have made a world of a difference in my game.

Manan Vohra: Kings XI Punjab IPL, Cricketer

I was looking for a nutritionist who could help me tailor make my daily food plan and help me recover and perform better. Not only am I more disciplined with my food habits but all my concerns have been resolved completely.

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